some words in PrisonBreak


还是怀念上学的时光啊……这是当初在学校专心看 Prison Break 时候随手记下的几句台词。权当怀念吧,每每念起这些句子总能回想起当初剧情里的种种感动。

That’s brothers.

Everyone wants something.

There’s one who is different, different from all others.

I don’t like to touch things that can not be long.

I love you more.

People talk.

You and me, is real.

Sometimes things happened just out of our control.

I need you O.K. And I need you ,please.

I chose to have faith,because without that we have nothing.

I get three words for you—-we got run.

All I ask is that you love me back, just a little.

We can’t afford to lose each other.

If we lose ourselves, we lose everything.

There is always a way.

Sometimes the only way to protect the people that you love is keeping away from them.

It’s up to you.

Still, you can make it work.

Do you want to save your friend’s life? Somebody else has to die.

Mostly I’m just tired, tired choices, consequences.

I just don’t want to turn my back to any body.

This is the plan!

You already have.

You have my word!

What I’m getting at, is even the best plan is only as good as the moving parts on the ground executing it.

Let’s go for a drive.

Exactly. I love you. That’s all I know right now.

Let’s end this. But I’m not gonna leave you behind again.

You sure you’re up for this? If we can do it together, um… yeah.

It means we’re going in to get it.

You really want to drop that thing in the water someday and sail off to parts unknown? Yeah, why not? As long as it’s you and me.

One day? One day.

Can I help you? With that smile, you already have.

We keep moving forward. Nothing changes. No mater what.

You are what’s keeping me going right now. And you’re all I have left, and that scares me.

You’re here, I’m here.

We are who we are.

Bait the hook, see if he bites.

I’ll handle this.

Brad! (Bellick)

No, he is gone.

There has to be a way.

The way you put everybody else’s problems before your own.

You’re stuck with me whether you like it or not.